What I’ve learnt about myself through Words With Friends


I’ve been playing the popular online word-building game – Words With Friends recently. A couple of my American opponents (we have been friends for many years) they are very smart and competitive people. They know all the two-letter words, where the best tiles are and which letters and word combinations score the highest. Yes, they are very annoying opponents. I used to be good at Scrabble. My problem is that I don’t concentrate hard enough and my mind wanders with so many distractions.

As my confidence grew on Words With Friends, I found I was able to completely clear my mind and something amazing began to happen – I started placing higher scoring words and my confidence grew even more.

My best game so far got down to the wire. There were ten tiles left, my savvy opponent scored 70 and I thought it was all over. I played around with a couple of letter combinations and then played Twinged (which is not actually a word). I was absolutely amazed, shocked and delighted to score 90 points and win the game. My opponent was shocked, too – did not see that coming at all. That was such a sweet victory. I felt like David against Goliath.

A couple of days later, I finally secured a meeting with a key prospect, somebody I originally bumped into when I first started coaching. This time around, the telephone conversation went well; I was able to share a couple of anecdotes as well as a recent scenario similar to his issues. We connected so well that a date has been arranged for an exploratory meeting.

Reflecting on Words With Friends and my customer interaction, I realise there are similarities in sales activities and how being patient, skilled, confident, present (during the interaction) and not giving up are small simple steps you can take to success. Oh, and remember – acknowledge and celebrate those small victories.

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