How an engaging fitness instructor can motivate you to better health & fitness

Spin Class Exercise
It’s the New Year and like most people I’ve set myself goals and New Year resolutions, however this year I feel more confident I’ll achieve my goals and stick to my resolutions, that’s due to an engaging Spinning Instructor.

Over the years, I’ve found it a balancing act keeping fit. You have to be committed to going to the gym or doing regular exercise while balancing work, home and social commitments. However, once committed, the benefits of getting regular exercise are huge – better sleep, less stress, improved fitness, an even temperament (yes I do think regular exercise makes me less grumpy) and being able to control weight gain.

Recently, I’ve been going to spinning classes. At first, I found it a frustrating experience. I’m not the strongest in the classes or have the best technique. Sometimes I enjoy the class, other times I find myself day dreaming and thinking of my to-do list until I remember where I am. Overall, I do enjoy the group spin classes, but recently, something remarkable happened. By mistake, I booked an earlier class and was horrified to be joining the class where they all looked like they were about to pass out at the end, soaking wet, panting breathlessly and that was just the men – get the picture?

It was too late to back out, I got on my bike, got set up and when the music started the instructor got straight into it. No gentle warm up – he told us we were here to work and to be challenged, so that’s what we were going to do. The whole class was pushed: we went up steep hills, sprinted fast, standing and sitting. It was brutal. The instructor chose great music with a rhythmic beat, so you were automatically engaged. He got the whole class working together, making eye contact, singling individuals out with an encouraging word, a smile or a nod.

Even though he made us all work hard, he had a quiet subtlety about him. He never raised his voice, but he had strong energy and presence which enabled him to connect with the whole class. He told us, “If you want a workout, go and run around the block, but if you want a challenge, do it 10 times. Today, this class is your challenge.”

So, what happened? I pushed myself harder. I had a thoroughly good work out. At the end of the 45 minute class, my heart rate monitor showed I’d burnt 510 calories versus 398 from my other spin class and at that moment, I realised I can do more. It is hard living with limitations and that class showed me physically and mentally what I am capable of and not just relating to exercise.

Watch out world…